I posted this OOTD picture of my sister a few days ago on my Instagram and forgot to post it on my blog ðŸ˜… I'm so bad at moderating my blog - I'm sorry! I have so much on my plate right now but I still wanna keep my blog up-to-date so please bare with me ðŸ’˜

But anyways, back to this outfit pic, I just love what my sister is wearing here. I took this after church and I was like to her, "omg can I take a pic of you?" like she was some celebrity lmao. She just quickly whipped up this outfit and surprisingly, it turned out really nicely. I describe it as sophistication mixed with an androgynous edge because of the turtleneck and pencil skirt + heels and the bomber jacket for the latter. 

By the way, you can give her a follow on Instagram @bethanny96 ðŸ˜„


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