Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've been MIA in this blog lately. I have been drowning in assignments lately and now thank goodness for exam study week! I get a bit of time off where I'm meant to be studying but really I'm making up for time lost towards my blog and my YouTube channel. Alibis aside and moving on to the story behind this photo which was taken during our Sunshine Coast weekend getaway. We planned to go to Eumundi Markets this day so we drove up there in the morning which took us half an hour. Then we get there and it turns out that they're closed; nevertheless, we still hopped off the car and went for a stroll there, took some photos and left to go to The Ginger Factory. T'was a good day and it was really nice staying there for three days with the fam. Pretty soon, we're off to Noosa for another little weekend getaway which I'm pretty excited about! But first, I have to do my exams which I should really study for right now 😅


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